About Laura O

I love creating contemporary and organic designed pendants, earrings and necklaces to express my love of beauty and nature through jewelry.

Laura O Artisan Silver

What We Offer

I have found that using the elements of fine silver with bits of glass and sparkly gemstones adds a unique beauty to my pendants. I love using bits of nature, such as leaves, that I coat with silver to bring the natural beauty of nature to pendants. Some of the pendants can be attached to a variety of necklaces, so you can change them around as you please. 


The necklaces that I enjoy creating use a combination of vintage sterling necklaces and bracelets that when pieced together are unusual and eye catching,  I also design necklaces with a combination of either copper, brass, silver plate or stainless steel chains and then attach my own designed charms to the side of the necklace.